HEART & LUNG: Twistin’ the Knife Away: CD

Mar 15, 2022

I had to do a double take after listening to this. It was so good that I was sure there would be someone on the record who I knew from a previous project somewhere along the line. But I’ve never heard of any of these musicians and that is awesome. This is what I keep doing these reviews for. The one little nugget in a garbage heap of mediocrity is what I’m here for. And honestly it’s been harder to get excited about most music lately since I’m rarely seeing it live. So basically this is super extra awesome. They would easily fit in with fans of Signals Midwest, Bong Mountain, The Slow Death, Lillingtons, Choke The Pope, and Timeshares. I know that’s a diverse group of bands, but there are elements of each of them that go into the primordial ooze of Heart & Lung. At first I thought the band name was a bit generic, then I hit play on the first track and instantly wanted to know who their drummer was. The bridge to the chorus of that first song is so cool. Please just check them out. If you’re someone who ever went to Fest, this will be on your Album of the Year list in December, along with a tattoo of some traditional flash with their lyrics. They also use those Thin Lizzy leads, which is always a one way ticket to my heart. –Kayla Greet (Red Scare)

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