HEALERS: Street Sweeping: CS

Nov 26, 2018

I love healing. I hate street sweepers. I wonder what Street Sweeping means for them. Is it a metaphor? A reference to an experience? Street sweepers are great in theory, cleaning off the shit of civilization for the greater good of everyone, but are used to siphon money more than practicing community upkeep. The sound of this tape embodies complexity, the feeling at the intersection of intention and reality. Wrapped up in black artwork of flowers and a snake, distorted synth à la The Screamers with mismatched vocal harmonies, simple disco beats, and floor tom-heavy drums make it sound familiar in a decade-spanning kind of way, but still distinctly of the current punk scene. Songs are short and smart. No surprise this band started in Olympia and moved to Oakland; the sound is totally reflective of that gritty-yet-poetic feel both cities have come to be associated with. Highly recommend. –Candace Hansen (Dumpster Fire)