HEADWINDS #1, £1.50, 8¼” x 11½”, glossy printed, 24 pgs.

Nov 22, 2017

This music fanzine combines an interesting mix of band interviews, band-related comics, fanzine reviews, and storytelling. Not too different from a traditional music fanzine at first, but then the author has a section retelling different shows he’s been to, how the bands played, and the night played out. I enjoyed it because it felt like asking your friend, “How was the show last night?” and getting a full recap. There was also a really interesting recount of a one-time festival called Treeworgery Tree Festival in 1989 that occurred only one year because of massive losses in cost, water and toilet breakdowns, corrupt security, farm animal abuse, and deaths?! I’ll definitely be looking more into that story. –Tricia Ramos (Headwinds, [email protected])