HATRED OF WRITING, $5/$6/$7, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 43 pgs.

Jan 30, 2019

Hatred of Writing is a collection of short stories from the past five years written by S. D. Stewart. These twenty tales are less than three or four pages each, so they’re easy to get through. The stories are more cerebral and not necessarily “fun” tales. In fact, many of them detail lives of people who are unhappy with their existence: a scientist, an office worker, and an infiltrator. I could very much empathize with many of the characters, as I’ve often been someone who doesn’t like his place in life, primarily with my jobs. I could also relate to this zine as a writer, as I wrote stories and pieces about being unhappy with my life, particularly my work. Yet, more of my writing was directly autobiographical in nature. And that’s something I wish Stewart would have done here. It’s easy to cloak unhappiness with life in short fiction, but I find it more encouraging to know there are other individuals dealing with my experiences, not just fictional characters. Still, it’s written well and interesting, albeit on the more abstract side. –Kurt Morris (lostgander.wordpress.com/zine)