HATRABBITS: Cognitive Dissidents: 2 x LP

Jan 26, 2021

Fid (The Measure [SA], Pity Party, etc.) has a new band, and a couple of solid labels got together and put out this double LP with thirty-plus songs on it. Which, apart from a digital-only release from 2016, appears to be their first physical release. Ambition abounds! There was a band called Super Black Market who put out a couple albums in the mid-2000s, and damn if this band doesn’t sound like a dead ringer for that one, at least in the vocal department. It’s reasonably varied, poppy punk stuff. Didn’t quite grab me, but yeesh, there’s a shit-ton of songs here, and I appreciate the care and effort that goes into a double LP with a gatefold and accompanying lyric zine. –Keith Rosson (Rad Girlfriend / Underground Communiqué)