HAT MADDER, THE: R0771N9 0N 7H3 V1N3: CD

May 23, 2018

You know, maybe it’s the Lansing thing, but while The Hat Madder doesn’t sound like Cheap Girls, they don’t not sound like Cheap Girls, you know? They’re probably going to hate the obvious comment here, but it had to be made, so there you have it. The tunes on this here disc are much more layered, experimental, and original (while still being catchy) than the aforementioned Michigan band. Yet, I still don’t know where to ultimately slot them. It’s indie punk with an experimental edge that, at times, sounds so slick that it could be on the radio. Oh, and it was almost impossible to figure out who the band or song titles were at all from the fonts on the cover. –Steve Adamyk (GTG, gtgrecords.net)