May 25, 2021

Harker’s sophomore album finds the band moving forward into a more adventurous phase whilst still retaining the punk pop sensibilities its previous work had been underpinned by. The songs sound bigger and their construction employs the use of tangents taking them down noisier and angular paths. This change is evident from the first track, “The Beast Must Die,” which opens with a selection of noise effects before taking on a more emphatic and bombastic vein. This all continues through to the final track, the epic six-and-a-half minutes of “Antenna,” which is a journey in itself. It’s a leap of faith and one which works well for the band, as the members have the skills required. I’ve seen the band play previously and enjoyed it but am really quite enthused at the prospect of seeing them again once normality returns to the world. –Rich Cocksedge (DisconnectDisconnect, disconectdisconnect.co.uk / Wiretrap, [email protected], wiretraprecords.com / Shield, [email protected], shieldrecordings.com / Fixing A Hole, [email protected], fixingahole.jpn.org)