Sep 20, 2017

A palindrome band name is a fine way to get my attention. And then Jawbreaker-era Schwarzenbach vocals over raucous post-punk tunes is how you keep it. What you’ve got here is a group who was raised on Jesus And Mary Chain and grew into Beach Slang. I’m actually really surprised at how well the bass comes through in all that haze of guitar distortion. This stuff is so shoegazey that I’d bet their pedals have pedals! But then there are these wonderfully pretty leads sprinkled throughout to help bridge the songs between fogs of fuzz. It manages to be dreamy and keep you wide eyed at the same time. But it’s far from being a bout of narcolepsy. Hannah Racecar lulls you into a daze, but the transition to driving rhythm and loud-as-hell guitars is packaged with harmonies so it’s never too jarring to go from one end to the other. It’s pretty and sleepy and so inherently ‘90s college rock-inspired. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)