Mar 15, 2022

Well this is a supergroup blast from the past. Members include Arne Cherkoss on guitar and vocals (Underhand, Zoinks!), Christian Harvey on bass (Underhand), and Colin Sears on drums (Dag Nasty, Fugazi, and more). The recording itself is a demo of re-recorded material that was never released by Mutant Pop back in 2002 due to Timbo’s self admittance of his “failure to produce proper sleeves.” So it seems that the goal here is to remix their 2004 U.K. record for release on Mutant Pop. Convoluted story aside, these five tracks are pretty rad. They’ve got full, chunky guitar riffs, wispy and nasally pop punk vocals, a deep bass, and some real precision drumming. It’s very late-’90s feeling; mostly on the pop punk side with a dash of grunge thrown in for good measure. This particular CD is limited to only a hundred copies, and since it looks like the Mutant Pop site hasn’t been updated since 2008, uh, good luck. –Kayla Greet (Mutant Pop)

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