HAND & LEG: Lust in Peace: LP

Mar 26, 2020

Sight unseen, this record swiftly whisked me back to the late ’80s, and all those pre-proto-grunge records laden with curious and heavy dementia—Steel Pole Bathtub, Bomb, whatever—a bit far afield of my interests, but still capable of emitting something interesting from time to time. And although this fuzzy wallop sounds like it might have been crafted by Flipper’s roommates, on closer inspection, the fuzzy wallop in question was produced by a Greek couple, implying that they also need to be cross-referenced with other Y2K-era Euro-couple outfits like Stereo Total, which I wouldn’t’ve expected. The lyrics are spartan and weird. Be my guest. BEST SONG: “L.I.P.”BEST SONG TITLE: “Peter Pancake.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The drummer’s last name is thirteen letters long, which is the same length as “Antetokounmpo.”Rev. Nørb (Black Gladiator/Slovenly, slovenly.com)

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