HAMMERLOCK: Glory Never Dies: LP

Jan 30, 2019

One of the better-known of the bands associated with the once-prominent Confederacy of Scum, Hammerlock was one of the few groups to emerge from that scene to not hail from the South. Oakland might seem like an unlikely place for one of the best county-influenced punk bands of all time to rise from, but Hammerlock defied stereotypes from their inception. Husband and wife Elizabeth and Travis Kenney formed Hammerlock over two decades ago and keep the energy level high on this new album, available on both vinyl and CD. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Hammerlock live, and the production here well-captures their in-person sound, which is a terrifically in-your-face blend of country and Poison Idea-style punk. The cover art was created by the talented Ryan Almighty, a controversial figure who uses his own blood in his paintings. Definitely seek this killer release out. As long as they keep it up with records like Glory Never Dies, Hammerlock will never die. –Art Ettinger (CMGR)