HAMMER AND THE NAILS: Badge of Dishonor: 7”

May 31, 2017

Hammer And The Nails are from Boston and share members with the (deservedly) hyped Battle Ruins. HATN have similar influences, but these guys diversify a little bit. There is still a heavy ‘90s Japanese oi influence, but the structures are more complex and cull from mod rock. They use wah on the guitars and don’t really “do” anthems. They’re probably the least accessible, least poppy modern skinhead band and that’s definitely their strength. The title track on this record is good, but the flip side tracks, “The More It Gets Better” and “Shape of the Things to Come” show their range, the former being a moody traverse through their influences, featuring an angular breakdown and those sparse gang vocals thrown at the very end. The latter is an interpretation of the old garage rock tune that offers some interesting twists on the original. –Ian Wise (Rock n Roll Disgrace)

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