HAMMEL ON TRIAL: Bring the Kids: LP 

Mar 19, 2024

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect here based on the artwork—skateboard with two bullet holes, outline of a skyline in the background. What’s coming through the speakers is largely the work of a guy at his home studio, sometimes simply a guitar and voice, sometimes additional instrumentation and guest musicians joining. Lyrics are really well written, deeply personal here, and righteously political there; as a whole, making sure to temper anger with humor. The music accompanying them is quite varied—funky, punky, quirky “Geggy Tah meets Outkast” indie rock, college radio-friendly pop, and/or just a voice and an acoustic guitar—all of which thoughtfully constructed and executed. Ended up pleasantly surprised at how much I dug the trip and the new earworms I’m now afflicted with. “Don’t be quoting all those bible teachings/ Cuz you ain’t heard a word he’s preaching so... All you Christians better pray that there ain’t no god….” A-fucking-men. –Jimmy Alvarado (Saustex) 

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