HAMBURGER EYES #53, $20, 7” x 10”, printed, 100 pgs.

Nov 15, 2022

I’m guilty of taking Hamburger Eyes for granted, assuming their collections of miraculous, funny, enigmatic, sweet, absurd, mundane, breathtaking photos will always be there if and when I need them. And lately I’ve needed them, maybe as a palate cleanser from bland social media photo saturation, maybe as a reminder that some people are still dedicated to going out into the world with curiosity and reporting back with style. Issue #53 continues their commitment to B&W photography only, to sudden glimpses of real/surreal life. There’s a balance between total emptiness and maximum occupancy—Phoenix Kanada’s void-like atmospheres and Edoardo De Angelis’s blurred buildings, Reuben Radding and Jason Hendardy’s scenes of street life. Some of the best work falls in between, especially the intimate/distant moments caught by LB Wales IV and David Catalano. I came away from this newest issue sort of re-converted, grateful for the Hamburger Eyes universe, which luckily coincides with my/your/our universe. –Matt Werts (