Guy sitting on the hood of a car.

Guy Picciotto Interview Podcast, by Daryl

Dec 30, 2022

Photo by Cynthia Connolly

I wasn’t raised with religion and only understand spirituality in a hypothetical sense. But I can say when I first heard the Rites Of Spring full length in my early twenties, there was an awakening deep down inside that ruffled my innermost self in a way a believer might feel moved by a sacred text.

The wailing cries and spiraling guitar leads, the utterly personal lyrics, it all came together with a timeless and ceremonial quality. At the helm of it all—screaming his goddamn head off—was Guy, a musical craftsman and performer who spent decades pushing the physical limits of his very human body. He’s someone whose trail of work should speak for itself, but who continues to put the time in.

This interview took place on a mid-August morning by phone, me in L.A., Guy in New York, and at the end of it, the connection I felt through the music all these years was only intensified knowing behind its crushing emotional and political presence was a genuine human who, through everything, still very much walks the walk.

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