GUNK #1, $8, 6¾” x 6½”, LaserJet, 40 pgs.

Dec 13, 2018

My face has melted to a great degree. I’ve felt my body turned to slime, and it was disgusting and amazing. I thank Gunk Vol. 1 for making me feel this way. In the spirit of classic Cold War era artists like Will Eisner, C.C. Beck, or even Bob Montana, this comic zine has a nostalgic spirit that is really appealing to the eyes. It hits my every being with that nostalgia stick for a time I never grew up with. It’s strange, gross, and beautiful. The stories included have wicked turns, and put you in the shoes of some of the weirdest individuals. Sit back, relax, and get taken into a world where The Blob wasn’t a film, but a reality. –Iggy Nicklbottum (Curt Merlo,