I don’t know if I got up on the wrong side of the bed the day I got this album or if I’m just a born dick, but I had already made up my mind that I wasn’t gonna like it by the time I had taken it out of the jacket. I figured they were just gonna be another band that cites the Dead Boys as an influence, then trots out a body of work that sounds like something Wanda Chrome & The Leather Pharaohs did twenty-five years ago—or the Candy Snatchers did twenty years ago—or Electric Frankenstein probably did last Tuesday—and expects the world to crumble beneath the supposedly godlike power of their well-worn doll machine / ‘lectronic dream (of course, had I realized that their guitarist/vocalist was the original Pagans singer [on the “Six and Change” 45] and pink album bassist, I would have probably revised this opinion to include a reasonable amount of ass-kissing/deference). However, when I actually stopped thinking and played the dang thing, I enjoyed virtually every minute of it. I dunno if it was just the right album for the moment, or I’m actually missing standing in hot, sweaty clubs listening to dudes in Motörhead T-shirts play guitar, but I found this album quite refreshing—which is interesting, because there really isn’t anything particularly “fresh” about their sound, not that I heard any claims that there were. Rock’n’roll, what more need one say? BEST SONG: “8 Pack Day.” BEST SONG TITLE: “She’s All Alcohol.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Layout and design by Bob Sablack, presumably the same guy about whom the Offbeats wrote the song “Do You Know Bob Sablack?” about thirty-five years ago. –Rev. Nørb (Just 4 Fun)