GUERRILLA TEENS: Halfway to Maybe” b/w “The Other End of the Leash”: 7”

Jan 27, 2023

Direct from the war-torn jungles of Portland, Ore., for over the past couple of years since their inception, this quintet has been actively teasing its growing fanbase with some excellent, limited-run recorded material online as well as hitting the bandstands to prove that rock’n’roll is far from dead. This debut single continues to showcase what said quintet is capable of, especially since all five members have been at it for some time now. Singer Scott “Deluxe” Drake and guitarist Jeff Fieldhouse have shared a long musical history together, dating back to their days in The Suicide Kings and the almighty Humpers, as well as the recent Lovesores that also included current ’Teens guitarist Saul Koll. With the rhythm section of Anna Anderson (Suicide Notes) on bass and Tim Connolly (also Suicide Notes and The Epoxies) thumping the piss out of his Ludwig Vistalite kit, these Guerrilla Teens have established a solid foothold for themselves in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If the two songs here don’t get your blood moving, then your blood has since congealed because you’re obviously dead. Fans of Pat Todd (Lazy Cowgirls, Rankoutsiders) and Stiv Bators (Dead Boys/solo/Wanderers era) will dig the shit out of this. –Designated Dale (

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