GUERRILLA ARTFARE #1, 8 ½” x 11”, offset, full color, 51 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

This is the first issue of Guerrilla Artfare, a slick Salt Lake City zine whose mission is “unite your spark with the entirety of our community and nothing will be able to silence our desires, dreams and passions.” I love the gorilla on the cover. The spare color scheme reminds me of screen-printed show posters. In a longer article, they present theories on outer space, ranging from the more sound to total wackjob ones that suggest there is no outer space because the world is flat. (Please note, they take no position on any theory). There’s an article on the health benefits of marijuana, one on the Dakota Access Pipeline, one about one about slimeball Sheriff Arpaio, who has a literal concentration camp for immigrants in Arizona. You also get an article about evidence of giants or Nephilim found in a cave. There’s a super fringe conspiracy theory on chemtrails and nanobots. You also get some agitprop art, a crossword puzzle, and some poetry. With all of its unapologetic weirdness, GA is also trying to be a free community zine, not unlike an alternative weekly, so it also reviews small coffee shops to large concert halls and has event listings. I found this part charmingly confused, from the way they encourage the reader to “get up and go DO! Experience something beyond your Boob Tube” when it comes to arty stuff. However, in the sporting events listing they couldn’t help but to toss in “give them bread and circuses.” My only critique is that the articles just seem to start, without any standout title or thesis. That was jarring. Otherwise, it felt like spending a few days in SLC with a fun, ziney, weirdo showing you around. Stay cool, guerrillas! –Craven Rock (