I’m writing this review while also watching a stack of four dumpsters burn in the street of Seattle in a live stream. If you need some music to help fuel this revolution in progress, L’Ennui is just that record. Released in late 2019, this album is chock full of songs about class war, social injustice, inequality, immigration, refugees, toxic masculinity, police repression, racism, and keeping the flames of discontent lit in the hearts of the people. And this band is from France. These lyrics are all in French, but they cover the struggles we are going through in America and the rest of the world. One thing I really appreciate about the booklet included with the CD (and I assume the LP) is that each song has a breakdown in English. Not a word-for-word English translation, but a paragraph explaining the meaning behind the song. There’s a line (which I used Google translation for) in the song “La Bataille de Paris” which says “the last of the rats protects his family, blinded by gas and defeat, confused between justice and bayonets.” Fuck, how spot on is that right now and hopefully not forever? Musically they’re gruff, guttural (how Till is able to scream these lyrics and play guitar at the same time is beyond me), heart-pounding, inspiring punk rock. I will say that the song “L‘angle et la foudre” sounds an awful lot like an Arms Aloft song, which I’m totally okay with. Guerilla Poubelle walk a line between them and Propagandhi, which is perfect. And they even had room in this thirty minute record to include a ska breakdown! I think I’m going to learn a lot of French this year from Guerilla Poubelle. –Kayla Greet (Red Scare / Slam Disques)