GUARDARLA, $9, 5½” x 8”, laser, 40 pgs.

These are some of my favorite zines—photo zines that put us in intimate place of family. Here, we are in new partner territory, where the family tries to embarrass with a photo album. Guardarla is a series of family portraits and snapshots which give a glimpse of a moment from somewhere around 1974 to 1988 (I’m guessing). You can live in their moments and be a Latino from forty years ago without the shock of being forty years older at this very moment. These photo zines aren’t for everyone, since they’re not “art” or “project” photography, but memory instead. You can place yourself in them, with the help of the inscriptions on the back, or with your own tattered memories attached to each image. Pretend, if you want, that you had a great family life and these are fond memories instead of the harsh and sad reality. –Iggy Nicklbottum (Jess Castillo,