GROSS POLLUTER: The People Get…What the People Get: LP

May 28, 2020

Many a creative minds have been lost to the suffocating nature of SoCal monoculture. But between the cinderblock and stucco the cretins plot their counterattack. Gross Polluter (interviewed in Razorcake #114) were those cretins— and even now as they enter middle age—are still those cretins. They play aggressive O.C. punk with lots of gang vocals, but there’s something that separates it from the pack. It’s weird. It’s artful. It’s well thought-out and each track offers something different than the track before. Never thought a beatdown could be so dynamic, but here we are, listening to an album that radiates vitality and danger and the same seething critique of the American suburban experience that these guys began dishing out in the late ’90s while operating under the alias Smogtown. The H.O.A. doesn’t stand a chance, the hoodlums have become homeowners, and Gross Polluter’s cynical scumbaggery is here to stay. –Daryl (Garage Rock)