Aug 02, 2017

Right off the top, I must mention that Smogtown rule. Now and forever. I am a card-carrying Smog City Waver and if you figure that means bias when it comes to this review, then so be it. Gross Polluter rose from the ashes of Smogtown like some kind of phoenix out of a beach fire. Guitardo is in the wind and Chavez dialed it back to backup vocals. Darrin from Ciril took over lead vocal duties. The result is some tough-as-fuck beach punk of the finest order. While you get a bit of the old Smog vibe, the vocals definitely live more in the sonic neighborhood as Smut Peddlers or The Junk. Did I just hear some little blasts of Rikk Agnew style keyboard in there? Hell yeah, I did! There is a second 7” out now (also on No Front Teeth) from the same recording session that I have yet to get my hands on, but if it is anything like this, I am all over it. #114 signing off. –Ty Stranglehold (No Front Teeth)