GRIMPLE: Up Your Ass: LP

May 24, 2022

This repress of the classic Up Your Ass LP presents all that was well in punk in 1993. I graduated high school that year. Grimple made a lifelong impression. Originally from New Mexico, Grimple moved to the East Bay, adapting to the amazingly diverse scene of that era. Fusing classic hardcore with the melodic forms of punk that were rapidly emerging in that time period, Grimple produced some of the catchiest, most hook-driven tracks in the history of punk. This reissue is available on three different colors of vinyl and a gorgeous inner sleeve with rare band photos most of us have never seen before. It was remastered by John Golden Sr. who mastered the original pressing in 1992, with a faithful, tasteful update. It’s also available on CD for the first time in ages, a direct repressing of Prank’s 2002 CD version that also includes Grimple’s first 7” and demo tracks. I’m falling in love with Grimple all over again. –Art Ettinger (Prank,

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