GREEN/BLUE: Paper Thin: LP

Sep 22, 2022

Minneapolis-based Green/Blue is back with record full of haunting guitar riffs and nod-able drumming, evoking early Banshees or Cure without being derivative. Green/Blue’s downbeat drumming and dedication to high-class echo keeps them from sounding like a copy of dark ’80s new wave while absorbing some of the better tenets from the era. “Again” is a catchy, mid-paced slice of shadows with a great minor-chord verse that gets relief from a hint of triumph in the chorus. “In Time” picks up the pace a bit with a staccato punk riff embedding a mysterious warble that gives the song a late night feel. The song also has a playful “The Hanging Garden” bass sound. It’s pressed at 45 RPM, so it sounds good loud. They have three albums out there. This is my first, and I’m going back for more. –Billups Allen (Feel It,