GREEN/BLUE: Offering: LP

Mar 15, 2022

Based on the pedigree of the folks in this Minneapolis supergroup—the Blind Shake, the Soviettes, to name a few—I was expecting a record way more unhinged than Offering. This one does its work through restraint, start to finish. The band plays through a curtain of gauze, with thick treble and muffled bass characterizing their hooky sonic attack. Vocals are understated, almost whispered at times, tuneful, yearning. The way the band constrains themselves makes the more animated numbers even more so: when listening to “Too Much” or “Everyone Hits the Glass,” it’s easy to imagine the whole thing careening off the rails headlong into oblivion. Not that they ever would, of course: Green/Blue is in complete control of their delivery, their sound, their whole thing. I’ve barely listened to anything else since this one arrived. –Michael T. Fournier (Hozac,