GREAT ROCK N ROLL DWINDLE, THE, #2, $4, trades welcome, 5” x 7”, glossy printed, full color, 28pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

In their own words: “We will keep pumping out the garbage content to fully convince you that punk rock is going strong despite entering the fifth decade of naysaying.” The Dwindle is a sort of catch-all “arts and culture” mag reflecting on punk present and past. It goes more for general reflection and critique than reports from any particular scene. While I enjoy The Dwindle’s schtick and verve, I found myself wanting a little more from this issue: perhaps more depth, as much of it is focused on “punk” as a large and diffuse concept, something that, as Joe Grease reflects in an astute piece on the strange alliance between the alt-right and punk (though perhaps not the other way around), means as many different things as there are punks and can be applied to a whole host of contexts. That said, I like what y’all are doing—I wouldn’t even go so far as the editors themselves as to call it garbage—and in this issue, I particularly liked Isa Sabraw’s digital collages and Joe Grease’s aforementioned short essay. –jimmy cooper (Kat Wood, 1337 Bates Ave., LA, CA, 90027, IG: @thegreatrocknrolldwindle)

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