GREAT ROCK N ROLL DWINDLE, THE #2, $4, trades welcome, 5” x 7”, glossy printed, full color, 28 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

Did you know that Penelope Spheeris directed both The Little Rascals and The Decline of Western Civilization? Well you will after the opening of this issue. Standouts in this multi-contributed zine include an essay on the current marriage between punk rock and the alt-right, with slogans like, “Trump is punk!”, which you can of course buy on a T-shirt if you so desire, and an essay on what the future of live music will be like after a year of COVID-19 shutting down venues and bands cancelling shows or tours. I see concerts creeping back into my social media, but I worry if we’re all maybe too optimistic (honestly, asking someone to mosh and wear a mask sounds like a recipe for passing out). The issue closes out with a review of SLC Punk, the contributor’s second viewing, and the differences between watching it as a kid versus as an adult. It made me remember how much I disliked the movie as a teenager, thinking Stevo really “sold out” in the end. Maybe it’s time for me to revisit this film as well. –Tricia Ramos (Kat Wood, 1337 Bates Ave., LA, CA, 90027, IG: @thegreatrocknrolldwindle)

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