GREAT ROCK N ROLL DWINDLE #1, THE, $4 suggested donation, 7” x 5”, glossy color print, 24pgs.

The debut issue of The Great Rock n Roll Dwindle aims to harken back to a different time in DIY, before punk was so thoroughly co-opted and commodified, lamenting the seeming rarity of punk zines (as the title might suggest, a “dwindle” the zine seeks to remedy). Don’t worry, GRNRD, it’s not so bad—print punk zines are not so rare as you might think, or I’d be out of a gig! This zine fuses traditional cut-and-paste aesthetics with the digital interface, containing a fair few drawings as well. This kind of eclecticism is something contemporary zine culture excels at, and The Great Rock n Roll Dwindle is no exception. The body of the zine itself features reflections on Poly Styrene’s critique of objectified, plasticized femininity, and the way classic punk rock resonates with the political shitstorm of the United States of the already-long 2020s. All in all, a solid debut. –jimmy cooper (instagram @thegreatrocknrolldwindle)