GREAT PLAINS: The Mark, Don & Mel E.P. +4: LP

May 23, 2018

There’s a giddy feeling one gets when reviewing a record that makes one do some homework. The 1983 first release (plus live tracks) of Columbus, Ohio’s Great Plains—the release nor the band—has never crossed my radar and I like to think I’ve thrown my musical net far and wide. Points of reference include a keyboard that sounds like a meth’d out farfisa organ looping in and out of R.E.M.’s first album (if R.E.M. had taken a left turn into weirdo punk). There are hints of the Shadowy Men guitar tone and a touch of Joe Jack Talcum delivery style. But while all of this might simply sound like bolstered nostalgia, Great Plains stood solidly on their own ground, as artists, musicians, and weirdos. Honestly, can not recommend this release enough. Listen up spud, you will thank me. –Matt Seward (Rerun,