Sep 29, 2020

I happen to live in one of the most haunted places in Canada, if not the world. You learn to look at seemingly random occurrences through a paranormal lens. Take for instance when I was clearing some overgrown ivy out of my backyard. Buried deep within the green pile of foliage was a CD-R, beaten up but looking playable. Scratched into the top was the words Graveyard Of The Pacific. I was intrigued. The Graveyard Of The Pacific is a stretch of ocean that runs from Oregon to the northern tip of Vancouver Island where more than 2,000 ships have wrecked since the eighteenth century… and is within an hour of my house. I popped the disc in my player not knowing what to expect. I found three songs of creepy, yet insanely catchy synth rock. Ominous tales of girls who glow and the dark secrets we all hold within. These songs whispered down my spine in a very familiar way. A quick internet search proved my suspicions to be true. Graveyard Of The Pacific is haunted completely by former member of The Hex Dispensers. I was floored as I had never heard of this before. Three amazing songs in the vein of their former band with a taste of Alex and Alyse’s other current project, Eerie Family. I went back to see if there was any more information on the CD-R and it was gone. Completely. Like it never existed. According to the band’s Bandcamp page, it has only been released digitally thus far. I am kind of scared. –Ty Stranglehold (Self-released,