GRAVE RETURN / HAMILTONS, THE: DCxPC Live Presents Volume 6: 7”

Sep 22, 2022

Here’s the deal: the DCxPC Live Presents series is a fantastic label/booking agent combo putting on livestreamed performances of their favorite punk bands and capturing those performances on vinyl. I’m a huge fan of the label and what they’re doing. This release introduced me to two bands I’ll be checking out more of in the future. Grave Return are a melodic hardcore punk group with great riffs and singalong-inspiring lyrics. “Rocket Summer” narrowly edged out “TV Prophets” as my favorite of their two tracks, partly because of the Ray Bradbury reference in the name. The Hamiltons, described as “One of the dirtiest, grimiest punk bands in Orlando,” live up to their reputation in all the best ways possible. I was hooked on their gritty punk’n’roll sound from the first note. While it’s easy to hear the band’s influences, The Hamiltons meld all those influences into a sound that’s uniquely their own. It gives them an almost timeless quality. Of their two tracks, “Pierced,” with its wailing guitars was my favorite. It’s also the track showing the full range of their singer, though I appreciated his almost Nick Cave-esque crooning on “Comin’ Up” as well. Overall, this is another must-have release from DCxPC that I’ll be rocking out to for the foreseeable future. –Paul J. Comeau (DCxPC, [email protected],

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