GRATITUDE FANZINE #3, $2, 8½” x11”, copied, 14 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

Gratitude’s got that now-classic black-and-white cut-and-paste aesthetic while remaining readable and clean, as well as a fantastic cover done by Joe Daly (a comics artist featured on occasion in Kramers Ergot). The content is a little light, containing one show review, two interviews (one half a page and one several), a letters section, and a few other short reviews, but what’s there is good, worthwhile content. The show review (Fiddlehead, Zeel, Guiding Wave, Glitterer, and Gem at AS220 in Providence) was rad, because it’s actually eight reviews of the same show, which made it compelling and a lot more fun than the typical show review. Fanzines—especially those true to the art like Gratitude—really never get old, even hardcore fanzines still asking questions about Fugazi. McGuire says it in the “Six Guidelines for Your Fanzine” in this issue: “Even if it’s the worst zine of all time,” (and this certainly isn’t. It was, in fact, more pleasant than most of the hardcore-specific fanzines I’ve seen) “it’s better than 100 percent of the zines that don’t get made.” –jimmy cooper (AJ McGuire,, [email protected])