GRATITUDE #2, $6, 11” x 8½”, offset, 32 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

Here’s a testament to the power of a good zine: if it’s written well enough, I really don’t care what it’s about, I’ll still be enrapt by it. Gratitude is all about straight edge and hardcore—two things I give a marginal shit about at most—and it’s absolutely one of the best things I’ve read in forever. Seriously, this zine is awesome. McGuire and the friends he enlists to write for him are all hilarious and super knowledgeable about the dumb minutiae of hardcore, and they joyously revel in all of it. The fun is contagious, man. He reviews the top five brick walls in hardcore, sends his friends mystery tapes and has them write lengthy reviews of the songs, does antagonistic/absurd interviews with various bands and pens lengthy, stupidly detailed record reviews and bullet-pointed essays about the different mixes of Youth Of Today records. The writing is stellar and funny and inviting to everyone, even if you don’t entirely get one hundred percent of the references. Seriously, this thing is straight up magic. Favorite thing I got this issue. Heartily recommended. –Keith Rosson (Gratitude c/o AJ McGuire, 10 Cypress Park, Melrose, MA 02176)