GRASSFACE: Skinwalker: Single-sided 12”

Jul 21, 2023

Twenty-something years ago Annie and Jake of Ambition Mission walked in separate directions out into the world and started their own very unique projects. Both of them found themselves on the cover of different issues of Razorcake, which I think if you’re reading this helps convey the esteem in which we hold them. So for them to reunite in a new project that combines the best parts of their bands from the last couple decades is something that just feels custom-built for my heart. Honest, gritty, catchy, DIY Chicago punk that’s conveniently pressed to one side of a 12” so I can just listen to it on repeat without even being bothered to flip the damn thing. Bands are best when they’re partnerships, when they’re collaborations, when they include multiple voices, and this release is as convincing evidence as anything else I can think of. And not just because of the quality of the music, but when you listen to it, you’re reminded of how much this restless sound has endured and can still be so vibrant and exciting. And that is a beautiful thing. –Daryl (Salinas)

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