Aug 02, 2017

Blistering hardcore from my homeland of Wales. Vocalist Calvin Sewell unleashes a torrent of anger as the metallic guitar races along and the drums take one hell of a battering from one of my favorite drummers, Glenn Tew. Along the Dew is a relentless series of hammer blows and firmly establishes the band as one of the best hardcore acts around. I was intrigued to hear an additional voice taking on the majority of vocals on “Though Bloodshot and Blurry” and discovered it was Efa Supertramp, described in some quarters as a “folk punk grrrl.” Her contribution is outstanding and she makes the song her own. Another plus point is that the album features “Llygaid Gwyrdd”—translated as “Green Eyes”—a track in Welsh, something not often heard in hardcore circles. A thundering follow up to Far from the Callous Crowd. –Rich Cocksedge (TNS, [email protected], / Ruin Nation, [email protected], / Urinal Vinyl, [email protected],