GRAHAM HUNT: If You Knew Would You Believe It?: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Graham Hunt’s overt pop moves are either charming or grating, depending on where you fall on the poptimist-rockist spectrum. Less in dispute are his gifts as a lyricist. The songs on If You Knew are restless, evocative, weary, and funny. (“Weedleafbitcoinflag,” with its brown coats, missing keys, bus stops, strained intimacies, and philosophical ambling is a good example.) He has a way of being non-linear and direct, abstract and sharp. The result is a collection of emotionally resonant, textural, oddball indie pop hits. Kind of A. Savage meets Semisonic—niche and aspirational—and also kind of its own thing. If there are obvious reference points, Hunt uses them to bring out the richness of his own distinct world. –Matt Werts (Let’s Pretend,

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