GOVERNMENT CLEAN-UP PLAN: Reality Confusion: 7”

Nov 15, 2022

This masterful San Diego hardcore record impressed the hell out of me. Expressive vocals and tempo changes place Government Clean-Up Plan firmly in the Six Two Five Thrashcore sound, which is never a bad thing. Songs like the thirty-two second track “Cop Lover” burst with energy, infusing the listener with more adrenaline than a Monster Energy drink. Included with the 7” is Germinate: A Hardcore Fanzine Issue #4, featuring coverage of Ebullition Records, Tørsö, Harm, Panic, Blu Blaz, and a San Diego scene report. The zine alone is worth the price of the record, with informed content and a gorgeous square layout that fits in a 7” sleeve. –Art Ettinger (625 Thrash,

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