GOUGE AWAY: Burnt Sugar: CD/LP

Nov 26, 2018

Often times, upon hearing a new band, I find it difficult to figure out from where they draw an influence. But with Gouge Away their influences are so blatant and varied that I can hear a lot of great acts shining through in their style: G.L.O.S.S., Punch, Super Unison, Jesus Lizard, and (old) Ceremony, just to name a few. While their last release, , Dies, was blistering powerviolence, Burnt Sugar has a varied style. Some of the music is snotty and pure hardcore, but other tracks such as “Stray/Burnt Sugar” are fun indie rock tunes. Christina Michelle’s vocals sound at times like Megan from Punch and Super Unison, while at other times I hear a pissed-off Courtney Love. The passion of the music and vocals kept me entertained, but their ability to put down diverse styles and still make the album cohesive is what impressed me most. While it may be easy to think Gouge Away are just a rip-off of Punch and Super Unison, there’s a lot more texture and maturity going on here than what such a first impression may cause one to believe. –Kurt Morris (Deathwish, deathwishinc.com)