GOSPEL TRUTH: Jealous Fires: LP

Nov 29, 2016

Gospel Truth is a band I don’t get to see enough live. Their new LP, Jealous Fires, does a fine job of capturing their live essence, but no sound recording can really capture the pound-bash-slash-bang Gospel Truth brings to the stage. The rhythm section is relentless and thunderous. The guitar is fierce and at times chaotic; one might be surprised that Gospel Truth is a single-guitar operation. The live show smartly places valleys and peaks, like the proverbial quiet before the storm. Some people hear a Scientists influence (and not just because “Set It on Fire” is covered on Jealous Fires) and I won’t disagree, but I hear plenty of Gun Club (vocal inflections are very Jeffrey Lee Pierce, particularly in “Heaven Is Ugly”). Jealous Fires is a solid successor to their first album, A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things, so I’m hopeful for what’s on the horizon for Gospel Truth. –Sal Lucci (12XU)