GOODBYE (OR THE STATE OF NATURE), $6, 4” x 5½”, 88 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

A short eighty-eight panel thought comic that waxes philosophical on the human condition. I can’t draw any conclusion over the questions being asked but maybe it’s about anarchy? This reading is supported only by the giant pile of bodies making out and forming an A with a circle around it featured on the last page. The comic is well drawn and humorous, reminding me a bit of modern alt comic darlings Jesse Moynihan and Michael DeForge. Narratively, it’s structured as a series of short vignettes of people making changes to themselves. The comic captures the struggle for growth in a parade of comedy sketches at the rate of one panel a page. Recommended if you see a copy at your local zine fest. –Bryan Static (Ben Passmore c/o Silver Sprocket, 1057 Valencia St., SF, CA 94110,