GOOD RIDDANCE: Thoughts and Prayers: CD

Sep 26, 2019

And just like that, time stands still. Similarly like so many others on the staple portion of Fat Wreck’s roster, Good Riddance is back, as if they’ve never left. It’s shocking how so many of the label’s bands from the last twenty years can make records that sound relatively identical in performance to their original output. It’s honestly wild. Not to mention, Russ Rankin and the group have essentially their original lineup intact—a rarity these days. Thoughts and Prayers is an apt album for the modern day, in both music and lyrical content. To an aging punk like me, at least, this seems more relevant that it has in a while. I caught them live last year for the first time since I was sixteen, and not only were they great, but yet again, time felt frozen. –Steve Adamyk (Fat,