GOOD GRIEF: Shake Your Faith: LP

Mar 15, 2022

Having started in 2013, Good Grief has finally managed to put a long player out. The wait was well worth it. Over a handful of singles the band had previously shown a truckload of promise and on Shake Your Faith it nails down eleven gloriously warm and fuzzy tracks all with a ’90s indie rock influence. What I really like about this album is how effortlessly easy it is to listen to. There was no first couple of spins where I was undecided with any of the songs; they all settled into my head immediately. It’s quite a varied piece of work going from the jaunty, up tempo “Metal Phase” through to the melancholic “Dimension Jump,” with the catchy effervescence of “The Pony Remark” being my standout track. I’m reminded of Superchunk and Samiam in places, both huge positives for me. –Rich Cocksedge (HHBTM / Everything Sucks)

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