GOOD GRIEF: Shake Your Faith: LP

Mar 15, 2022

As someone who never attended an International Pop Underground Convention, all I have to say is that I would hope attendees walked out with new favorite bands like Liverpool’s Good Grief. While some aim to achieve modest commercial success with what we have come to call indie, others are simply releasing the music they have in their hearts. There’s a band comparison that can be made, but I just refuse. These people and this band have come to mean too much to me to be anything but what it is. Generous, supportive, matured punkpeople who play music that isn’t abrasive or coarse or openly hostile, yet still so visceral and urgent. So instead of comparing them to a band that everyone already loves, I’ll say that like L.A.’s Pretty Flowers, this band offers a long-lasting respite from the crushing defeat of life. A relatable, enjoyable gem of a record for the punks pushing forty or above and a glimmer of hope for anyone questioning how to make honest music in a dastardly dishonest world. –Daryl (HHBTM / Everything Sucks)