GLUE: Self-titled: 12” EP

Nov 22, 2017

The long standing tradition of quality punk and hardcore stemming from the depths of Austin, Texas (The Dicks, Big Boys, MDC, to name a few) can now chisel in a new name to its legacy: Glue. After a well received demo, 7”, and countless mind blowing live performances the band has turned up the intensity dial in the form of six new songs of their uniquely frenzied take on modern hardcore punk that leaves you begging for more. Beads of sweat practically trickle onto your face in the form of sound waves blaring from your stereo speakers. You feel that? That’s a band giving it their all yet giving zero fucks about who it does or doesn’t please. I don’t even care that they ripped off a Gastunk riff or two: this is another classic US hardcore record for the ages. –Juan Espinosa (Self-released)