GLOWING BRAIN: Self-titled: CS

Jan 30, 2019

With marijuana leaves in the artwork, and a song title referencing wizards, I thought I knew what this was going to sound like going in, and from the opening crescendo of “Wizard Wand,” it was clear my instincts were not too far off. Glowing Brain are a noise rock trio from Oakland, Calif. The wall of sound the band produces is the sort of thing that would make Nigel Tufnel proud. The anger of the lyrics in “Stooge” combined with the noodling riffs made it my favorite track, though the Motörhead-esque riffing in the follow-up track “Suffer Fools” certainly gave it a run for its money. While I rolled my eyes at the marijuana leaves in the artwork, Glowing Brain is a band to check out whether you’re 420 friendly or not. –Paul J. Comeau (Don’t Look Down, [email protected])