GLOBS, THE: The Weird and Wonderful World of…: LP

Jul 28, 2020

Finally, someone made the record that’s going to save us all. If the Bananas made us feel better already, The Globs are here to deliver the answer to the ever-present conundrum: peace or annihilation? After all, it is our choice right? Well, from what I can decipher from Federico Parcheesi’s fables, they have chosen peace. So ditch the sleepless nights and anxiety-ridden trips into the outside world; let Mike and the rest of the Globs warm your heart and put your mind at ease with their soothing poppy punk sounds and bouncy vocal gymnastics. I can see Sacramento now, shining on the horizon, Interstate 5 paved with yellow bricks; this new world is weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird, and it belongs to The Globs. –Daryl (Recess / Dead Broke / Sac)

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