GLAZER: On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt: LP

Nov 26, 2018

First of all, I fucking love the cover art. It’s spooky and weird and intriguing. I would have guessed this was an atmospheric black metal band from the image on the front, but that’s not what I found inside. Instead, they’re a noise rock, post-punk outfit from New Brunswick. The vocals have some distortion on them and sound blown out on purpose. “Amplified Mind” is mere seconds away from being the longest song on the record, and for good reason. They pack a mighty punch in that track, then bob and weave in a slowed-down bridge toward the back end before bursting into another crunchy, thrashy mess. They’ve definitely bled through some indie rock and grunge influences. Dare I say there’s a little Dino Jr. and Sonic Youth mixing in with layered My Bloody Valentine guitar effects. For how all over the place this record is, once you make it to the end you can fully see the through line they built into these songs. It’s really a neat and tightly packed gift, but assembled with heavy, psychedelic, and out of control elements. –Kayla Greet (State Champion)


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