GIVING UP: Garner Cardinals: LP

May 23, 2018

Giving Up comes out of the gate strong by including a thirty-two page color zine with lyrics, pictures of the band, and complete liner notes. Some of their songs do this kind of free form jazzy thing, not unlike what Minutemen did, but slightly less frantic and more stream-of-consciousness. Their lyrics are anthems that flicker vignettes, each of which could easily be made into a short film or story. In “Rain,” the narrators cover things like the mayor covering up their graffiti, getting kicked out of their house, and missing a call from their mom saying a family dog died. It’s on the level that Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billy Joe” is on. Musically, they’re all over the place. Some mid-tempo songs, some fast, and all with male and female vocals over piercing guitars and keys. One of my favorite lines is in the song “Page 2” about casual relationships: “I don’t want you to want to meet my parents.” It’s like what Jim Morrison was trying to do if the Doors were good. This shit is super weird, bordering on avant garde, and I’m into it. –Kayla Greet (Sophomore Lounge)