GIRTH CONTROL: Life’s Too Short for Girth Control: LP

Mar 19, 2024

It’s been a while but Girth Control is back with a momentous twenty-three track album full of mirth, punk rock, and ska. There are more than enough moments of self-deprecation littered across this record, as this is a band which enjoys poking fun at whatever target it can find, even if it’s itself. This is an energetic collection, which hits the mark for me. It’s just a riotous and humorous experience. A number of tracks resonate, almost too closely, as if the band had insight into my life, as evidenced by the quartet of songs: “Shorts Music for Shorts People,” “Neverending Coffee,” “Waste of Pizza,” and “Breakfast Buffet.” This whole album makes me feel much younger than my fifty-eight years and I would have been dancing around the house if my arthritic knee allowed such shenanigans. I firmly believe Girth Control has never sounded this good. If you want a good time, just check out Life’s Too Short for Girth Control. Is will deliver, unless you lack a sense of humor. –Rich Cocksedge (

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